Thursday, December 11, 2008

Order Food Online the YoYo way!

Howdy! Food Hungry Enthusiasts!

The FoodYoYo team welcomes all to our official blog!


Rocking! I luv martini!

FoodYoYo ( allows you to order food online from your favorite local restaurants and get it delivered to your place. Wherever you may be…school, home, office, game etc., just name it! Food is delivered to you fast and easy!

Currently serving San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Fremont, San Mateo, San Ramon, Sunnyvale. We have launched more than 40 restaurants offering a wide selection of cuisines. American, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Mediterranean, Pizza, Sushi, Thai...the list is never-ending! ...Mouthwatering! Delicious! I still remember the day when I travelled from Boston to Toronto just to enjoy a dish that I really loved at an Indian restaurant!

Crazy huh?! Dude...I’m a Food Hungry Enthusiast!

FoodYoYo cuts all the clutter of making a delivery order- picking a menu from restaurant, storing in some corner of house, picking the phone, and try explaining long order to some guy who can’t interpret that. Order process has to be very easy. Have you tried yoyo? It is natural and rolls up and down with ease! Why should food ordering be any scramble?

Just go to and order in a few clicks. You can even have your restaurants favorites and it is determined to offer same easy experience every single time just the Yoyo way. The website lets you choose search food by restaurant name, menu item or cuisine type in a city. To make the process even simple you can find out which all restaurants deliver in your area. You can avoid the hassle of standing in lines for your order and the best part is that this service is FREE!

No need to sign up! (You sign up if you want before or after you place the order). Search for your favorite restaurants, cuisines or menu items, click and order! Add special instructions like delivery at lunch, scheduling for dinner (I know you tech guys out there, you’d love to do that!), plan a date, special time or special place! Catering, Parties…anything.


We just launched La Parrilla Grill, the famous chain of Mexican restaurants at City College, Folsom, Columbus, Polk, and International Blvd (Oakland). Come! Dig In!

Suggest any restaurants you may not have found on our website. We’ll get them for you!


Bay Area...Here we come! More cities coming soon!